D14 Liaison

Sonia Albanese Carotti

Director 2016-18 ZI & ZIF
Roma 1, Italy
District 28


Sonia Albanese


Zonta Club of Roma Capitolium, Italy

Through her work as a doctor, Sonia has developed sensitivity to the welfare of others, which she feels connects her to her Zontian life, particularly to the health of those in developing countries. As a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a university faculty member, she has worked with children for more than 25 years, developing beliefs in promoting high levels of education for young generations and wanting them to participate in Zonta to favor the maintenance of respect for women. Sonia feels that at this time, there is an attempt to bring back the status of women to that of the past, but by sharing Zonta’s ideals to young women, we can provide them with good models and support to serve as future leaders. Sonia’s overall plans for the 2016-2018 Biennium are to: identify among Zontians leaders who can promote the ideals of Zonta through social strategies and communication; respect the knowledge of veteran Zontians and make this knowledge available to young people to strengthen their Zonta experience; ensure progress in communication and fortification of interpersonal relationships; disseminate the Zontian ideals in all contexts; and address young people through the presence of Zonta leaders.