District Conference

Invitation to the 2019 D14 Conference
27-29 September 2019 in Erfurt, Germany


Dear Zontians and guests, Delegates, Presidents, District Chairs, Board Members,
dear International President Elect Sharon Langenbeck,

it is a pleasure and honor to me, to invite you to this year’s District 14 Conference, hosted in the lovely medivial town of Erfurt. What could be a better place to celebrate 100 years of Zonta than a location, where the past is present and still full of life? 1919 also was an important year in German History when the first democratic parliament with the first elected women started in Weimar (just 20 kilometres away from here) and gave the decades between the wars it’s name as „The Weimar Republic“. Parallel the Bauhaus (also in Weimar of 1919) began as a design-laboratory to create modern items for daily life and many of the most avantgardistic artists of that time were teaching there.


Attached to this invitation letter you will find your registration form and please note the early-birdfee until July 15. You also find a hotel-form from Erfurt tourism (to be returned directly to Erfurt tourism): there are hotel rooms reserved but only until August 9 so don’t wait too long as Erfurt is often booked out! The necessary forms for credentials and proxy follow with the call to Conference at the end of July. You will also find everything on our D14 website.

To reach Erfurt, the train will be perfect. It connects you directly with Frankfurt Airport, Munich and Berlin. When coming by car, you have to leave it at your hotel as there are nearly no parking possibilities at the Augustiner Kloster. A map of all the venues and hotels is added as well.


Besides all celebrations, the two key topics of the conference will be „leadership“ and „youth
engagement“ as these will be of great influence for our organization’s future. At the „Open Forum“ with our international representative you have the opportunity to ask what concernes you most in Zonta and to share your ideas. To have a dignified memorial in honour of those Zontians who passed away since October 2017, please send me their names, club and age until August 15.


The Zonta Club Erfurt and I hope to meet many of you in September here in Erfurt – until then
enjoy your summer!


Proxy form DC 2019

Credential form DC 2019

Call to Conference



The conference started with an award ceremony Friday night. The hosting Zonta Club of Brixen-Bressanone, my home club, for the first time awarded a scholarship to young women striving for higher education in the name of the first female city councillor and honorary member of the club, who has dedicated a part of her inheritance to the Zonta Club. Attendance was great with local politicians, representatives of several social groups and many Zontians from our District. Several press articles ensured broad visibility for Zonta International.


Saturday morning was dedicated to the must be Zonta business of reporting and introduction of candidates as well as to the possibility of gathering information at the „Market Place“, where Area Directors and Committee Chairs were presenting at their market tables.  After the key note on „We should all be feminist“, a look at the difficulties we seem to have with the term today, the afternoon offered six different workshops.  The range of subjects was broad, from the topic of “ Innovation in Agriculture is Female“ to “ Respect is Our Daily Bread – Men Against Violence“ to “ Mysteries of CEDAW or how to use an international convention on local or regional level?; from a „Zonta International Projects Update“ to „Wnet-networking women: Goals and effects of a regional network“ to “ FEMBIO Writing biographies of women by women“. The feedback mirrored the high level of interest of the attendees.

The evening we spent in a very traditional setting with great food and local wine and music. Most importantly though enjoying Zonta company and friendship.


Sunday morning was entirely dedicated  Zonta as we learned about the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign from Liaison International Director Sonia Albanese, followed by an introduction on the planning of events regarding 100 Years of Zonta International from D14 Committee Chair. The GMD Global Membership Drive with its fantastic materials to be used by clubs was presented before we could welcome Zonta e-Club Bavaria , the first of its kind in District 14. Two more firsts we welcomed with Golden Z Club Vienna, hows members presented their program, and lastly with Z Club DLSB Hungary, chartered this summer.

Before saying goodby we were introduced to the city and club of Erfurt, where the conference will be in two years and to Yokohama Japan, where we might all meet for the ZI Convention in 2018.


The feedback about the conference program from our Zonta sisters was very positive. Also the social program was very appreciated and enjoyed. Very positive was the notion how well all Zontians of the hosting ZC Brixen worked together as a tightly woven group. They admitted that though it was quite a bit of time and effort that they had to dedicate, it was an experience that brought them together on a different level. To get and be involved is key for Zonta club spirit.


Elisabeth Thaler

D 14 Governor 2016-2018 &

Service Committee Chair

ZC Brixen-Bressanone Italy

2017_10, Präsentation Treasurer D 14


CAEC Endowment Campaign Presentation for 2017 Conferences

Centennial_Anniversary_Distr_Conf_Langfassg 2017 10

Foundation PPT f D14 Conf 2017

GMD2.1 Breakthrough in Engagement and Growth ZI 2017ff

Golden Z Club_PPP f D14 Conf Brixen 2017

ZandGoldenZClub PPP ZI

Report_Marketplace_PARTNERSHIP ZI AND UN

Pictures of the event can be found in our gallery