Committee Chairs


Wafaa Daou, ZC Beirut

Dr. Elisabeth Jentschke, ZC Würzburg Elektra

Promotes continuing membership growth as well as the programs of the International OMC Committee.

Advocacy Chair

Henrike Johannson, ZC Murnau Staffelsee

Promotes/coordinates activities to implement advocacy projects and encourages and supports awareness of local advocacy projects.

Foundation Ambassador

Kathrin Tatschner, ZC Würzburg Electra

Margot Fleck, ZC Wien I

Support the approved charitable and educational programs of ZI through effective fund raising.

Greater Visibility & Communication Chair

Birgit Farnleitner, ZC Wien Parkring
Gabriele Strohriegel, ZC Burgenland

Promotes ZI, is knowledgeable about Zonta resources on public relations and provides support to clubs.

Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs

Gundula Viering, ZC Würzburg Electra

Encourages clubs to become more involved in founding Z-and Golden Z Clubs

Bylaws & Resolution

Ina Wässerling,  ZC Erfurt

Promotes awareness of ZI bylaws, assists the drafting of proposals for bylaw changes and reacts to questions.

UN United Nations

Dr. Charlotte von Bodelschwingh, ZC Fünf-Seen-Land

Looks for info about the UN and its agencies and the relationship to the programs of ZI & promotes UN Convention programs.

Amelia Earhart Chair

Alexandra Wander, ZC München I

Assists clubs in finding suitable candidates who wish to pursue aerospace-related sciences and engineering.

Jane M. Klausman Chair

Carmen Kronawettleitner-Berger ZC Innsbruck I

Scholarship for women pursuing undergraduate and Master’s degrees in business management.

Women in Technology Award

Dr. Jutta Trube, ZC Aschaffenburg

Scholarship for women pursuing programs or studies in technology.

Young Women in Public Affairs Chair

Birgit Farnleitner, ZC Wien Parkring

Assists clubs in finding suitable young women who participate in public and political life.


Dr. Christiane Walter, ZC Bad Kissingen-Schweinfurt

District Conference Committee Chair

Birgit Farnleitner, ZC Vienna-Parkring

Designs, organizes and has general supervision of the District Conference taking place every two years.