Celebrating 100 years of Zonta in Bolzano, Italy

The Zonta Club Bozen-Bolzano officially opened a showcase in the Women’s Museum of Merano (, with a ceremony on Saturday 9 November, which represents the centenary history of Zonta International and the thirty-year history of the Zonta Bozen-Bolzano Club, in the presence of many Zontians  and guests.

At the opening ceremony, the current president, the Notary Elisabetta Scaramellino briefly outlined Zonta’s objectives, emphasizing that the focus is always on women.

The concept of the showcase reflects the motto and mission of Zonta.

In the showcase is a construction of wooden poles, over which printed fabric banner are weaved symbolizing the connecting – networking – interweaving.

The banners highlight important events and activities of both local and international Zonta.

On the ground, member patches are spread out from all over the world that shows the diversity of Zonta.

But the worldwide cooperation and friendship shows the design of the showcase itself.

The glass of showcase is completely covered with small and big logos of Zonta.

The visitors have to make the interior visible by removing the small stickers and taking it home.

This interaction between Zonta and the museum visitors takes place from today until the end of the exhibition (end of the year).

The joint opening ceremony by all present Zontians peeling off the stickers was also a demonstration of Zonta worldwide collaboration.