Governor’ s Letter No. 03 – April 2020

Dear club-presidents,
District 14 board members and committee chairs,
dear Zontians,

it has been several weeks already since we were forced to stay at home and club
meetings, fundraiser and other activities came to a halt. But it also showed up that
many Zontians took action in practical aid to support those most vulnerable in times
of such a crisis. One of the main concerns besides staying healthy is the growing
number of cases of violence against women and children and at the same time a not
normally operating or overloaded help system. What can Zontians do, even if
condemned to stay at home? Spread awareness, share information about helphotlines
or code words in pharmacies (in Germany it is „Maske19“ to show a special
need for protection), encourage everybody to care for their neighbours and demand
your representatives to take action. It will also be neccessary advocacy after the
crisis to ask for more recognition for people (mainly women) in the health sector
which in general should result in a better and adequate payment.

Many of you surely found ways to meet virtually for Zonta business and please have
in mind, that this is the time of year where elections for club officers have to be held
and dues have to be paid to Zonta International and District 14. Most clubs will
probabely have a reserve to cover the expenses as an act of solidarity if one or the
other member is not able to pay, due to the current situation. If bigger problems
occur, please don’t hesitate and contact your Area Director to find a solution. And
for elections this differs between ballots by letter, e-mail communication, doodle or
a professional anonymous system integrated for example in the PRO version of
zoom. Your creativity will find a way to conduct this. More information under

The material sent out last week as a link to all presidents contains online
instructions to manage your membership list, the club officer information form (due
June 1st) and the hint, that payment now is possible via Pay Pal.

You all were informed that the 2020 Convention had to be cancelled. As the
planning started already 4 years ago there was no possibility to postpone it to a
date later this year. Some countries already extended travel restrictions up to July so
not all Zontians would have been able to attend. Instead of a Convention, business
will be carried out electronically as it is stated in the emergency rules of the bylaws.
Details are not clear yet but the Q+A part of the former convention website will keep
you informed.

For all clubs, that could not carry the travel costs to the US, this is a chance to take
part in the decisions! The credential process is online only and has to be finished by
May 15. More information will reach you soon. I would suggest to make use of the
number of Alternates so you can split up between business sessions.

For the memorial list I will come back to you later as soon as I know more about the
planned procedure of remembrance.

In the material you will also find information on bylaws and resolutions, budgets,
guidelines for membership recognition and for sure the Biennial Goals of 2020-22
under the headline „Transitions, Changes & New Opportunities“ as well as the
project descriptions of ongoing and new service initiatives. Please share this
information with your club members and discuss your point of view.
The biographies for all candidates for the International Board and the Int.
Nominating Committee can be found on the website.

As many of you got in touch with electronic meetings these days I want to
encourage you to use such tools also for short Area Meetings when those had to be
cancelled or join the „Zonta talks“. The last one on „Ending Child Marriage“ had been
originally planned as a side event panel discussion at CSW this March. You can listen
to all recordings at

Normally the new District Board takes office at the end of convention. Without one
now it is determined to the installation of the new elected International Board. So far
let us keep in touch – stay in contact within your clubs and, most important: stay


Ina Wäßerling
Zonta International Governor 2018-20
District 14


Governor’s letter No 03

Governor Brief deutsch No 03